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Physical Therapy

The goals of our physical therapy program are to decrease pain, improve function, and provide education to prevent further recurrences. We offer a robust physical therapy program because we believe it works. Studies show that patients who utilize physical therapy require fewer prescription medications and follow-up visits. They also have less healthcare related costs and are less likely to need imaging and MRIs.

Customized Physical Therapy in the Fox Valley

Specialized Training

Our physical therapists are specially trained in spine and neurological disorders; they take annual continuing education that is specific to our patients. This means you will receive the most up-to-date treatments and therapy techniques possible.

4.8/5 Stars

Patient satisfaction is a top priority and we survey our patients on a regular basis to ensure quality care. Our patients rate our physical therapy department 4.8/5 stars.

72% Fewer Costs

Our physical therapy service costs on average 72% less than other physical therapy treatment providers.

Physical Therapy at Neuroscience Group

Our expert team of providers and therapists work collaboratively to manage your treatment. This means your team can easily discuss your progress and review your medical chart which leads to increased communication and better outcomes.

On your first appointment, the physical therapist will do a thorough examination. Which will include an examination of:

    •  Posture
    • Range of motion
    • Joint and soft tissue mobility

    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Gait

Grandmother carrying her granddaughter on her back

Maria in physical therapy is very kind and very thorough. She understands my concerns and asks questions to help me understand how my pain affects every aspect of my life so we can improve it through therapy. She gives me helpful “homework” to build up my strength. I always look forward to learning from her!

– H.B.

Experts in Complete Physical Therapy 

We treat a range of symptoms and conditions with physical therapy. Some of the most common conditions include:

  • Spine and nerve pain
  • Disc herniation
  • Balance disorders
  • Neuromuscular and neurological disorders
  • Difficulty walking
  • Muscle weakness
  • Dizziness, Vertigo, BPPV
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Sports, work, or personal injuries

Meet Our Physical Therapists

Our team of physical thearpists are highly trained and certified to bring you the best physical thearpy care in Northeast Wisconsin. 

Start Receiving Treatment in Three Easy Steps

1. Request an Appointment

To start your progress towards treatment contact Neuroscience Group to request an appointment. One of our scheduling staff members will set you up with an appointment at one of our 3 convenient locations.

To prepare for your appointment be sure to complete your medical history and registration paperwork. This paperwork will be sent to you via MyNeuroscience Group.

2. Attend Your Appointment With Our Top Rated Physical Therapists

One of our top-rated physical therapists will meet with you to discuss your symptoms and they’ll work with you to put together a treatment plan. You’ll be able to ask all of your questions and leave your appointment with confidence that you’re receiving the best care from Neuroscience Group.

3. Begin Your Customized Treatment Plan

Your personalized treatment plan could include further testing (MRI, EEG) prior to starting physical therapy. We provide complete physical therapy care at Neuroscience Group, so we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

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An older couple walking through a park

Offering Functionalized Individual Training (FIT) for Parkinson’s Disease

FIT is a program developed for patients with Parkinson’s Disease. The program was created by the therapists at Neuroscience Group after working with the BIG Program and wanting a more patient-specific approach for the treatment of Parkinson movement concerns.

The FIT program incorporates movement strategies and balance training to improve the quality of walking, movement, and life from day one onward. The goal of this program is to transition patients into a maintenance and prevention program to help them manage the natural progression of Parkinson’s Disease.

Dan is the best Physical Therapist I have ever had. He assesses what is going on with my body, helps me understand what he sees and efficiently addresses my needs with manual therapy and exercises. I can actually sleep without pain at night and can walk miles again with the PT home exercise program Dan developed for me. It has been so worth the long drive I make to be helped by Dan.

– Amy

Personalized Care Close to Home

Neuroscience Group offers physician expertise and compassionate care at convenient locations across Northeast Wisconsin. Our 2 locations offering physical therapy treatment are conveniently located across Northeast Wisconsin.