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Advanced Practice Clinicians in Neenah, WI

Our advanced practice clinicians work in close conjunction with our physicians to provide you the best care team experience. Meet them below.


Meet Our Advanced Practice Clinicians

Doug Bartelt

Douglas A. Bartelt, DNP, APNP, NP-C

Doug’s philosophy is to keep you in command of your health goals while collaboratively working with you to achieve and maintain the best quality of life possible.

Penny Bernards

Hillary Bashaw, APNP FNP-BC

Hillary is a nurse practitioner providing neurosurgical care.

Kristen Brazzale

Kristen A. Brazzale, APNP

Kristen is a nurse practitioner that works with the neurosurgical team in both the clinic and the hospital.

brian jenkins

Lauran M. Brice, APNP

Lauran comes to Neuroscience Group with a fresh perspective on neurology and patient care.

Ross Carlson

Ross L. Carlson, APNP

Ross Carlson is a nurse practitioner specializing in orthopedic spine surgery.

Ashley Gehrke

Ashley E. Gehrke, APNP

Ashley is a nurse practitioner who works with our neurological team both in the clinic and in the hospital.

brian jenkins

Brooke A. Henschel, APNP

I am extremely passionate about providing the highest quality care to my patients and their family members.

brian jenkins

Niky Gutman, APNP, FNP-C, DNP

My philosophy of care is to directly involve the patients, as well as their family members in decisions related to their medical care. 

brian jenkins

Lacy B. Ihde, APNP

Lacy specializes in treating those suffering from headaches/migraines, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy.

Arienne Krizenesky

Arienne L. Krizenesky, DNP, APNP, NP-C

Arienne is a nurse practitioner who provides individualized care focused on maximizing a patient’s long term quality of life.

Benjamin Siebert

Christine E. McGee, DNP, APNP, NP-BC

Christine’s philosophy is patient centered care that treats the whole person, not just a particular problem.

Christine Munson

Christine A. Munson, APNP

Christine Munson is a neurosurgical specialist who assists with surgical interventions of the nervous system – brain, spine and cranial nerves.

Dacy Reimer APNP

Dacy C. Reimer, APNP

Dacy specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders, and dementia.

Bethany Rothe

Bethany R. Rothe, PA-C

As a Physician Assistant, Bethany Rothe is a neurosurgical specialist who assists with surgical interventions of the brain and spine, as well as clinical patient care.

Billie Sturgeon

Billie A. Sturgeon, APNP

Billie Sturgeon is a neurosurgical nurse practitioner.

Kristine Twomey

Jodi L. Tesch, DNP, APNP

My philosophy of care consists of supporting the patient’s physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural wellbeing with an individualized plan of care. 

Kristine Twomey

Kristine Twomey, APNP

Kristine Twomey is a nurse practitioner who works with the neurologists to provide in-clinic care for patients with neurological concerns.

Jaime L. Velie, APNP

Jaime Velie is a nurse practitioner specializing in neurology.

Michelle Ziegelbauer

Christopher J. Williams, APNP, ACNP-AG

Christopher strives to create a supportive environment that promotes positive outcomes and enhances the overall well-being of his patients. 

Michelle Ziegelbauer

Michelle A. Ziegelbauer, APNP

Michelle is a nurse practitioner who has been providing care for patients with neurosurgical needs since 2008.

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