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Preparing Your Home for Your Recovery

Spine Surgery Education

Download The Spine Surgery Guide

Before Surgery

We recommend watching the following videos before your procedure.
Studies have shown that even watching one video in preparation for a procedure will lessen your perception of pain post-surgically.

Surgery Care Center

You’ll want to know what to expect during your hospital stay.
Watch these videos from our care team for helpful information directly following your procedure.

Caring for Yourself At Home

The following videos have helping post-surgery information for rest and recovery.
We recommend that you also have your family members watch them as they care for you.

More Resources for Your Surgery

Spine Surgery Guide

This comprehensive guide to spine surgery is a personal resource to help you throughout the entire process and make your experience with Neuroscience Group an exceptional one. All of our spine surgery patients also have the opportunity to meet with our nurse educator to answer all of their questions and feel confident about their upcoming procedure.

Post Operative Exercises

You will see a physical therapist when you return to Neuroscience Group for your post-operative visit. At this time, the therapist will give you an individualized exercise program, but to improve your recovery start walking as soon as you get home. Included in the following guidelines are a sample chart for tracking your walking progression and recovery.

Symptoms of Infection & Infection Prevention

Preventing infection after surgery is a top priority for our spine team. Most patients that have surgery never develop any type of surgical site infection, but we want to share with you the symptoms of an infection and ways you can help prevent infection during your stay and once you are home.


Your provider may require monitoring of your nerves during surgery. You will receive a letter from Neuromonitoring Associates of Milwaukee with details and contact information, if you have questions. See the following guide for more information on neuromonitoring.

Avoiding Constipation & Blood Clots

Potential postoperative complications include constipation and blood clots. Constipation and blood clots can often be avoided and prevented using the following instructions.

DOs and DON’Ts for a Positive Recovery

Learn what actions positively affect recovery after your operation or treatment. Always reach out to us with any questions you may have about your recovery process.

Discharge Goals

There are several goals that need to be reached prior to being discharged home. Use the following checklist to keep track of and date when each goal has been completed.