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Scoliosis Care

Ahead of the Curve, the scoliosis program at Neuroscience Group, features experts who specialize in spine care (scoliosis and spinal deformity) including fellowship-trained neurosurgeons, pain management physicians, and physical therapists. Our comprehensive program includes monitoring of scoliosis curvatures until surgery is needed and helping with spinal pain and education for those patients requiring surgery. Our highly trained physicians and our comprehensive model mean both adolescents and adults with spinal deformity can receive the high quality scoliosis care close to home.

Customized Scoliosis Care in the Fox Valley

Fellowship Trained Physicians

Our two scoliosis physicians are fellowship trained which means they have the highest level of dedication to the field of scoliosis and spinal deformity. This extra training adds a level of insight, experience and expertise to their care.

Comprehensive Services

Our main clinic in Neenah is equipped with imaging, MRI, neurodiagnostic and procedure labs making it very convenient for our patients to get their care in one place.

10 Convenient Locations

We’ve expanded to open a second full time clinic in Appleton and also provide services at 8 other regional offices.

Scoliosis Treatment at Neuroscience Group

At Neuroscience Group we strive to treat every patient like part of our family with compassionate, personalized care. Since scoliosis patients grow at different rates and have unique needs, our care team makes individualized plan of care for your child that focuses on conservative treatments. Surgery is considered as a last option for many patients.

Grandmother carrying her granddaughter on her back

I have had a positive experience with Dr. Koffie and the Neuroscience Group since I was first referred near the end of February. I was able to schedule a consultation quickly and met Dr. Koffie. He clearly explained my diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Throughout the entire process I have felt heard and cared for by Dr. Koffie and his team, as well as the support staff at the Neuroscience Group.

– McAllister

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Individualized Scoliosis Care

Several things are used to determine the proper treatment of scoliosis. We take the following factors into account when developing your individual plan:

  •  Curve Size
  • Location of the Curve
  • Patient Age
  • How much growth progression is left in the spine

As highly dedicated doctors for scoliosis treatment, our scoliosis team will use your information to determine the progress of your curve and discuss what that means for you and your family.

Meet Our Scoliosis Experts

Our team of scoliosis experts are highly trained and certified to bring you the best Scoliosis care in Northeast Wisconsin. 

Start Receiving Treatment in Three Easy Steps

1. Request an Appointment

To start your progress towards treatment contact Neuroscience Group to request an appointment. One of our scheduling staff members will set you up with an appointment at one of our 10 convenient locations.

To prepare for your appointment be sure to complete your medical history and registration paperwork. This paperwork will be sent to you via MyNeuroscience Group.

2. Attend Your Appointment With Our Top Rated Scoliosis Care Providers

One of our top-rated providers will meet with you to discuss your symptoms and they’ll work with you to put together a treatment plan. You’ll be able to ask all of your questions and leave your appointment with confidence that you’re receiving the best care from Neuroscience Group.

3. Begin Your Customized Treatment Plan

Your personalized treatment plan could include further testing, bracing, exercise/physical therapy, or support. We provide complete scoliosis care at Neuroscience Group, so we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Click to view our scoliosis guide


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We Classify Scoliosis Based on the Age When Symptoms Begin

Early Onset:

  • Infantile: occurring when a child is < 3 years of age
  • Juvenile: occurring between ages of 4-9

Late Onset:

  • Adolescent: occurring between ages 10-17
  • Adult Degenerative Scoliosis: occurring in adults due to degenerative disc disease, and arthritis that affects the facet joints.

Learn more about our scoliosis diagnosis and treatment process in our Scoliosis Guide.


I had absolutely perfect care from everyone & Dr. Koffie is amazing!


Frequently Asked Questions About Scoliosis

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a side-to-side curvature of the spine that is >10 degrees when measured on an XRAY. This curve (or crooked spine) may resemble an S or C. The curve can be in the upper, middle or lower spine.

What Are the Signs of Scoliosis?

Common signs of scoliosis are:

  • One shoulder blade is more noticeable than the other
  • Clothing hangs unevenly
  • One hip is higher than the other
  • Uneven waist

What Doesn't Cause Scoliosis?

Posture and/or use of a backpack are NOT causes of scoliosis.

What Does Cause Scoliosis?

Adolescent “idiopathic” scoliosis is a genetic condition. The word idiopathic means unknown, as it is unknown why the curve develops.  A family may have more than one member with scoliosis, meaning it is inherited.

Common Scoliosis Questions Answered with Dr. B

One of our scoliosis care providers, Dr. Sumon Bhattacharjee discussed common questions about scoliosis with local teens. He helped them understand the basics of scoliosis and treatment options. Watch the presentation to have your questions answered.

Personalized Care Close to Home

Neuroscience Group offers physician expertise and compassionate care at convenient locations across Northeast Wisconsin. Our 7 locations offering scoliosis care are conveniently located across Northeast Wisconsin.

Appleton – OSP
Berlin Location
Fond Du Lac
Berlin Location
New London
De Pere Location