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Multiple Sclerosis Care

At Neuroscience Group our expert neurology and neuroimmunology team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. We offer specialized testing, early interventions, the latest treatments, and involvement in clinical research trials. The goal of the Multiple Sclerosis clinic at Neuroscience Group is to help our patients live with MS and ensure that all of our patients receive the highest quality clinical and compassionate care.

Customized Multiple Sclerosis Care in the Fox Valley

Physical & Speech Therapy

Our on-site physical therapists are specially trained to increase mobility for MS patients by utilizing strength, balance and stretching exercises. Our speech therapists helps patients improve attention and memory.

Infusion Center

Our infusion center was designed with our patients’ comfort in mind. Some of the features include a private entrance, spa-like atmosphere, and private bays. Our patients experience a significant cost savings compared to hospital based infusion centers.


We offer the only Icobrain MRI in northeast Wisconsin. This new technology measures brain volume in Multiple Sclerosis patients allowing for earlier diagnosis and prediction of disease progression.

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment at Neuroscience Group

We are a certified Comprehensive Center of Excellence with the national Multiple Sclerosis Society. We provide a multi-disciplinary treatment approach with the goal of coordinated care to manage the disease and promote comfort, function, independence, health and wellness.

Our compassionate care, expertise and resources ensure that our patients receive personalized treatment options. We support our local MS community through regular educational experience events and are involved in several local Multiple Sclerosis walks.


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Dr Long is a very caring, patient provider. He took the time to listen and answer any questions I had. Worked with me as a team to decide what the best treatment options were for me, both medically and what I was comfortable with. Would highly recommend him as a neurologist.

– Wendy


You can trust your care to us knowing that Neuroscience Group has over 30 years of providing excellent care for your brain, pain, and spine.


We are a comprehensive center, meaning you can receive all of your care from one convenient organization. 


You can have peace of mind knowing that Neuroscience Group collaborates with other centers to share knowledge and research with the goal of a better healthcare delivery system.

Experts in Total Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis and Treatment

We treat multiple sclerosis at all stages. Some of the therapies we offer are:

  • MS certified physical therapy
  • MS certified triage nursing
  • Speech therapy
  • Infusion therapy
  • Pain management
  • Botox for spasticity
Dr. Long

Meet Our Multiple Sclerosis Expert

Daniel L. Long, DO


Our Multiple Sclerosis clinic is headed by Dr. Daniel Long. He is a board certified neurologist specializing in neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis. Clinical Neuroimmunology is an expanding subspecialty of neurology and he is one of the few physicians with this certification in the state of Wisconsin. Dr. Long ensures patients stay well informed and actively involved as he works with them to design an individualized plan of care. With the ever-changing field of neurology, Dr. Long combines newly innovated practices with historical methods of healthcare to provide the exceptional care all patients deserve.

Start Receiving Treatment in Three Easy Steps

1. Request an Appointment

To start your progress towards treatment contact Neuroscience Group to request an appointment. One of our intake coordinators will set you up with an appointment.

To prepare for your appointment be sure to complete your medical history and registration paperwork. This paperwork will be sent to you via MyNeuroscience Group.

2. Attend Your Appointment With Our Top Rated Multiple Sclerosis Providers

One of our top-rated providers will meet with you to discuss your symptoms and they’ll work with you to put together a treatment plan. You’ll be able to ask all of your questions and leave your appointment with confidence that you’re receiving the best care from Neuroscience Group.

3. Begin Your Customized Treatment Plan

Your personalized treatment plan could include further testing (MRI, EEG), as well as physical therapy, or speech therapy. We provide complete neurology care at Neuroscience Group, so we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

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We Offer Complete Multiple Sclerosis Care

Neuroscience Group offers the only Icobrain MRI in Northeast Wisconsin. This technology measures brain volume in Multiple Sclerosis patients, allowing for earlier diagnosis, prediction of disability and disease progression. The Icobrain MRI improves the quality of life for our patients.

Our main clinic is equipped with imaging, MRI, neurodiagnostic and procedure labs, and each member of our multiple sclerosis care team is highly trained in treatment. Our patients love the convenience of receiving their treatments at our comprehensive clinic where all of their care providers can easily access their medical records and they can receive their treatments close to home.

Dr. Long is a knowledgeable, caring and patient physician. I appreciate the time taken to explain treatments and available options, while also inquiring as to how you are feeling about the plan of care. He truly listens. Dr. Long takes the time to really provide CARE.

– Anne

Multiple Sclerosis Resources

Learn the signs, symptoms, and types of Multiple Sclerosis using our resource videos from Dr. Long. Our resources will help you understand what you can expect through the diagnosis process, when you should see your doctor, and other important details about living with multiple sclerosis.

Personalized Care Close to Home

Patients from all over the region appreciate Neuroscience Group’s physician expertise, compassionate care and the latest treatments. Our 2 locations offering Multiple Sclerosis care are conveniently located in Northeast Wisconsin.