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Your insurance company views a telehealth appointment (video + audio) the same as an in-person office visit.


A telehealth appointment (video + audio) is billed the same as an in-person visit and counts toward meeting your deductible.

Some insurance companies require a copay for telehealth appointments (video + audio) and some do not.

What do I need to know about the preauthorization process?

Even if your insurance company has given a preauthorization, that is not a promise they will pay 100% of the costs of your procedure. You are still responsible for your share of the cost, including any copayments or coinsurance set by your health plan’s design. Call our financial advocates to help you estimate your out of pocket costs and set up a payment plan. 

1. Know your insurance benefits. This is a good time to contact your insurance company to understand your coverage.

2. Neuroscience Group cannot submit the preauthorization request until your provider’s office visit notes are complete and they have entered the order for your procedure.

3. Preauthorizations are only valid for a specific amount of time and may require periodic renewal.

4. Some medications require a preauthorization.

5. Many insurance companies send preauthorizations to third party companies to manage the process. This means if you call your insurance company, they may tell you that they have not received any information regarding your test, procedure or surgery. Examples: Evicore, AIM and RAD MD

6. Preauthorizations are also location specific. This means if you decide to change facilities, it will take longer to obtain the preauthorization.

Which insurance providers does Neuroscience Group accept?