Sandra L. Walters, PT, MPH

Physical Therapist

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Sandra L. Walters, PT, MPH

Clinical Expertise and Special Interests

As a physical therapist, Sandy Walters specializes in the treatment of dizziness and balance disorders.  She has a special interest in working with patients with central and peripheral vestibular involvement.  Sandy performs state-of-the-art evaluations to determine the nature of a patient’s balance disorder, enabling her to develop the most effective treatment approach to meet the needs of her patients.  She also specializes in community-based fall prevention programs.

“My goal as a physical therapist is to help patients achieve the highest level of functional independence possible. I believe a treatment approach based on education and exercise is effective for most patients.”


Herdman Vestibular Competency Certification
LSVT Big Certified, LSVT Global, Inc.

Educational Foundation

Master of Public Health, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Bachelor of Science: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Recognition of Achievements

“Stepping On” Falls Prevention Program Leader

Sandra L. Walters, PT, MPH