Kids Rock the Ballpark

Neuroscience Group is committed to promoting brain safety in the Fox Cities. It's one of the ways we live out our values of compassionate care and community involvement.

 Kids Rock the Ballpark: Our Annual Helmet Giveaway at Neuroscience Group Field!

Because they are on the front line for trauma care in our community, the physicians of Neuroscience Group are committed to promoting brain safety and helmet protection for adults and children alike.  We accomplish this by sponsoring several helmet giveaways throughout the year.  Our event at Kids Rock the Ballpark aims to educate families and give them a quality helmet for their child at the same time. Kids are given the opportunity to learn about brain safety at three different stations which strive to answer the question:

What can happen to your brain if you don't wear a helmet?

Station #1:

You could injure the back of your head which could cause partial blindness. Children are asked to complete a maze wearing glasses that mimic a vision impairment.

Station #2:

You could injure your spinal cord which could cause numbness or tingling in your hands or feet. Children try buttoning a shirt with large gloves on to mimic a peripheral neuropathy injury.

Station #3:

Your could crack your skull. Families observe an egg drop with and without a helmet. It's a lasting visual representation of what can happen to your skull without a helmet.

Finally, kids sign the helmet pledge and are measured for their own helmet.

Learn about Helmet Safety with Dr. Johnson


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