Dear Valued Patient-

It has been my pleasure to serve the Fox Cities Community for the past thirty-four years as a neurologist. I have had the privilege of caring for a great many people while sharing sorrows, celebrating recovery and marveling at resilience. Now it is time for me to retire and pass along my patients to the other competent physicians and advanced nurse practitioners at the Neuroscience Group.

If I have not done so already, I would be happy to discuss transition of your care to any of these providers at a follow up appointment. Your medical records will be immediately available to them should you decide to remain within the group.

You will find information about these providers at the Neuroscience Group website. Click on the “Providers” tab and the drop down will direct you to “Neurologists.”

If you decide to be seen by a physician outside of the Neuroscience Group, and have questions, you can contact our Medical Records department at 920-725-9373 ext. 2008.  Click here to print off our medical release form.

I appreciate your loyalty and all you have taught me and shared with me throughout these years. My retirement is effective on December 31, 2017. If I do not have an appointment to see you before then, thank you and best wishes for your health and happiness.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Gizell R. Larson