Benjamin R. Siebert, MD, FAAPMR

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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Benjamin R. Siebert, MD, FAAPMR

Clinical Expertise and Special Interests

Dr. Siebert has found that investing in his patients is an important part of patient care. While keeping a realistic outlook, he tries to help patients focus on what they can achieve and encourages them to keep an optimistic attitude. He has the unique opportunity to be involved in the lives of his patients at all stages of their conditions, which is a challenging yet rewarding responsibility for him. Dr. Siebert has a special interest in traumatic brain injury, headache, and pain.

“I envision ideal care as patient-centered, multidisciplinary, with the ability to provide traditional, modern and holistic approaches to best suit an individual patient’s needs.”


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Benjamin R. Siebert, MD, FAAPMR